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Step into the enchanting world of San Remo (or Sanremo) with this Original Kuba Imperial from 1969. Transport yourself to the cinematic setting of 1960s Italy: strolling La Pigna, passing its antique houses and narrow alleys, always moving upwards until reaching the elevated Giardini Regina Elena. From this vantage point, the entire city unfolds before you in all its splendor.

On your way down, you’ll pick up some wine and ingredients for dinner as the music of San Remo fills the air, drifting through open windows and captivating your senses. In moments like these, you'll realize that there's no better place to be than "right here, right now" – immersed in the timeless magic of San Remo.


    San Remo Console

    Original Kuba Imperial 1969


    (Radio in working condition)

    44,5” W x 16,5’’ D x 34,5’’ H


    Pro-ject audio Turntable 

    With an OM 5E Moving Magnet cartridge, featuring an elliptical diamond stylus with a true hi-fi playback system.

    Tonearm with its straight, 8.6” effective length and stiff aluminum construction.

    Audio Tube 100W Amplifier

    HiFi Stereo Receiver Integrated Amp

    Built-in Bluetooth

    Output Power (Max.) : 2X50w

    Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤0.05%

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥86dB

    Audio Input: AUX, RCA


    Audio Speakers refitted in

    9'' Woofer for low Bass

    4'' Coaxial Drivers with 3/4'' Silk Dome Tweeter 8 Ohm
    4'' twitters


    Vertical storage for 75 records.



    PoBo custom anti-static brush

    PoBo custom record weight stabilizer



    1 year on new electronic components

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