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Legend has it that a Portuguese sailor said those 3 words (“monte vide eu" - I saw a hill) when spotted land off the coast of Uruguay. From Plaza de la Independencia to the Cuidad Vieja, this city feels like South Europe in the Southern Hemisphere. This Original Telefunken Royal from 1965 carries that same feeling in the classic elegant look it boasts.

  • Audio Specs

    Montevideo Console

    Original Telefunken Royal 1965

    (Original Radio in working condition)

    47,5” W x 17’’ D x 34” H


    Pro-ject audio Turntable

    With an OM 5E Moving Magnet cartridge, featuring an
    elliptical diamond stylus with a true hi-fi playback system.

    Tonearm with its straight, 8.6” effective length and stiff
    aluminum construction.

    Made in Austria


    Audio Tube 100W Amplifier

    HiFi Stereo Receiver Integrated Amp

    Built-in Bluetooth

    Output Power (Max.) : 2X50w

    Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤0.05%

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥86dB


    Audio Speakers


    2 Full-range drivers

    2 Mid-range speakers

    2 Classic woofers

    Insulation treatment cabinet



    1 year on new electronic components

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