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1971 Airstream vintage renovated with a turntable

The PoBo Connection

Being outdoors lovers, we wanted to combine mobility, beauty, some luxury, and the possibility to enjoy our music without relying on Wi-Fi. So, we found our dream Airstream, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work to create our Music Time Capsule on Wheels.


If the ’70s, an Airstream, and records are not the perfect combo, we don’t know what is. PoBo Consoles are known for seamlessly encapsulating a time when evenings were spent around a turntable spinning.


Plus, Billie was “born” in the same exact month and year as one of PoBo’s Co-Founders. Kismet.

The Concept

When most of the airstreams undergo renovation to portray the modern interior design style, we opted to stay true to the original, but with a twist - as we do with our consoles. 

Combining the looks of bygone times in the curtains, flooring, upholstery, and accents, with the brains of modern age, in the solar panels, electric batteries, and compostable toilet.

The Name

Billie Holiday changed the world of jazz. Nicknamed "Lady Day", she was a pioneer in her own right, not only in her vocal delivery but also unmatchable style. 

He chose to honor her by naming our Music Time Capsule on Wheels - BILLIE.

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